2022 SCO – LME-14% – Copper Cathodes

NEW 2022 SCO – LME-14%  Copper Cathodes – Purity 99.97 to 99.99 Monthly delivery Up to 10,000 Mt – CIF Basis Asia.



SCO Copper Cathodes


We have the pleasure to inform you that our group have negotiated this excellent option related to sale Copper Cathode as per below Draft:


Commodity                  Electrolytic Copper Cathodes Grade A (99.97 – 99.99%)

Country of Origin          RDC

Contract Period             12 Months {with rollovers and extensions)

Monthly Quantity           Up  to 10,000 Mt per Month 

Delivery Terms              CIF (INCOTERMS 2020)

Discharqe Port:             ASWP

Price                            LME minus 14% per metric ton



lnspection: Certified at the loading port by SGS/Alex Stewart or Equivalent at loading port


Payment terms: Irrevocable, non-transferable or transferable, non-divisible, confirmed, unconditional, active, operational DLC or SBLC (MT 760) TO BE ESTABLISHED BY SWIFT FOR 100% OF THE VALUE OF THE TRIAL SHIPMENT. THE SBLC TO BE VALID FOR 60 DAYS FROM DATE OF ESTABLISHMENT.

The SBLC is to allow payment by MT 103 following inspection at the destination warehouse by SGS or other agreed inspection company.


Performance Bond: Seller shall issue 2% Performance Bond (PB) after the Seller receives the Buyer’s bank instrument for the trial order and monthly order; within seven (7) days of receiving the payment instrument





Copper(Cu),% 99.97 to 99.99 Silica Si/PPM 0.3
Iron Fe/PPM 2 Cobalt Co/PPM 0.2
Sulphur S/PPM 4 Arsenic As/PPM 0.1
Oxygen 02/PPM NIL Bismuth Bi/PPM 0.1
Argent Ag/PPM 10 Manganese Mn/PPM 0.1
Lead Pb/PPM 0.2 Teleurium Te/PPM 0.05
Nickel Ni/PPM 0.2 Aluminum Al/PPM 0.5
Selenium Se/PPM 0.3 Magnesium Mg/PPM 0.4
Antimony Sb/PPM 0.1    





Dimensions:                             914 mm x 914 mm x 12 mm (LME Standards)

Weight of each sheet:               125 Kilograms (Approximately ± 1%)

Net weight of each pallet:          2 Mt (Approximately ±1%)

Packaging:                               Palletized, Aluminum banded

Material:                                   To be free from Contamination by Radiation


Length, width and thickness of each sheet shall be equivalent to generally accepted LME and internationally accepted measurements. The copper cathode surface condition shall be free of imperfections, defects and excess exposure to outdoor weather.




  1. Seller issues Soft Corporate offer signed & sealed
  2. Buyer issues LOI/RWA with full banking coordinates and permission for Soft
  3. Seller issues Draft
  4. Buyer signs the Draft Contract and sends it back to the
  5. Seller issues the final Contract to the
  6. Buyer will visit stock warehouse before issue SBLC or DLC
  7. Seller will issue Pb 2%
  8. Seller accepts to pay at Discharge port after SGS inspection
  9. Delivery schedule begins as per Contract. Buyer can perform a physical inspection at the time of loading of product together with SGS/Alex Stewart or any other appointed inspection company as per the Contract