NEW 2021 Oct Soft Offer – Soybean # 2 GMO & Sugar IC 45

NEW 2021 Oct Soft Offer – Soybean # 2 GMO & Sugar IC 45 UP to 50,000 Mt in monthly basis each – Origin Brazil – CIF basis



SCO – Soybean # 2 GMO & Sugar ICUMSA 45





We have the pleasure to inform you that our group has negotiated this excellent option related to Soybean # 2 GMO and Sugar IC 45.





Soybean GMO (Only)


Brazilian Sugar


Soybean # 2 GMO 50,000 Mt x 12

Price CIF- China

Price CIF- China

Sugar IC 45 – 25,000 Mt x 12   

US$ 465.00 MT

US$ 325.00 MT



SBLC (One month delivery valid for 13 Months / MT103

No DLC available.






  • Buyer issues ICPO (Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order) and RWA/BCL as POF Proof of


  • Seller / Exporter issues FCO (Full Corporate Offer).
  • Buyer returns signed and stamped
  • Seller issues Draft C


  • Buyer returns draft of signed, stamped and scanned contract by email and will be considered legal and official Purchase and Sale Agreement until copies are


  • Seller issues Commercial


  • Buyer returns stamped and signed Commercial Invoice.
  • Buyer submits draft of SBLC / ARDLC /
  • Seller returns the above bank instrument with possible
  • Buyer’s bank issues SBLC / ARDLC / DLC (MT 700/760) as a Guarantee for one month and sends it to the seller’s bank within 5 days. The bank instrument must be revolving, transferable, irrevocable, divisible, operational, renewable and confirmed by top 50 bank. Cash payment by MT 103 according to presentation of shipping documents (B / L + SGS).


  • Following the opening of banking instrument, Seller’s bank sends to Buyer’s bank 2% Performance Bond (PB) in the amount of a remittance..


  • Buyer will receive an invitation letter to accompany shipments process at Port.
  • Within 30/40 days the ship will be
  • Payment against BL and SGS shipping documents, as per item 10.
  • Ship’s release.