2019 Soft Offer – Yellow Corn #2 GMO

NEW 2019 Soft Offer – Yellow Corn #2 GMOMonthly delivery Up to 100,000 Mt p/month – Origin Brazil / South America – CIF ASWP.



Dear Sir:


We have the pleasure to inform you that our group have negotiated this excellent option related to Yellow Corn # 2 GMO from Brazil/South America.





Yellow Corn – # 2 GMO





Packaging: bulk loaded in vessel

Volume: 100,000 to be shipped in monthly basis

Contract: 1,200,000 Mt over a 12-month period

Price: USD 190/MT CIF

Terms: 100% DLC (MT700) at sight, Irrevocable, Confirmed, Transferable, Auto-revolving, payable against documents via MT103.

Performance Bond: 2% Contractual one shipment value from Seller.





Product Specification: – Yellow Corn Grade # 2 GMO

Bulk Shipment: Standard

Export Quality: Type: Fit for Human Consumption or Animal Feed

Protein: min 9%

Moisture: 14% max-

Heat Damaged Kernels: 0.5% –

Total damaged kernels: 3.5% –

Admixture: 2.5% –

Aflatoxin Total: 20 PPB

Husks On Husks

Test Weight: 54 Pounds / Min / Bushel

MaxRadiation: None





  • Bill of lading
  • Certificate of weight, quantity and quality
  • Certificate of origin
  • Free radiation certificate
  • Phytosanitary certificate
  • SGS certificate
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing list
  • Insurance certificate






  1. Seller issues SCO Soft Corporate offer
  2. Buyer issues LOI/RWA with full banking coordinates and permission for Soft probe.
  3. Seller issues Draft Contract.
  4. Buyer signs the Draft Contract and sends it back to the Seller.
  5. Seller issues the final Contract to the Buyer.
  6. 5. Buyer’s bank issues and sends by swift the non-operative L/C 100% at sight to the Seller’s bank within 48 hours.
  7. Seller posts Performance Bond (PB) for the value of 2 % and LC becomes operative.
  8. Shipment begins. Buyer can perform a physical inspection together with SGS at the time of loading of product.