2017 – COFFEE ARABIC TYPE UGQ – Colombia

NEW 2017 COFFEE ARABIC TYPE UGQUP to 5,000 Mt per Month – Origin Colombia – CIF ASWP




SCO – Coffe Arabic Type UGQ





We have the pleasure to inform you that our group have negotiated this excellent option related to Coffe Arabic Type UGQ from Colombia.Final terms will be agreed between Buyer & Seller.


  • Seller is R, W and A to advance in faster terms to Draft Contract after receive & approve ICPO.
  • Available order UP to 5,000 Mt per Month.






Coffe Arabic Type UGQ  




UO to 5,000 Mt per Month..



Contract duration:

The duration of 12 months renewable & extendable.


12 monthly deliveries of UP to 5,000 Mt.


25 Kgs Bags, without Brand.





CIF Price – According to ANNEX 1


Payments terms:

SBLC or LC or DLC – Irrevocable NON transferable or Transferable issued by TOP World Bank and paid 100% at Sight



Delivery terms:

CIF (Incoterms 2010),

First Shipments start earliest 30/45 days after Payment instrument has been approved..







By SGS at Seller’s expense








Contract Procedures


1) Seller sends NCNDA and issues SCO.

2) Buyer issues ICPO

3) Seller issues FCO for Buyer´s review

4) Buyer accepts FCO, confirms by signing and sealing the FCO. Buyer issues RWA or BCL or MT799.

5) Seller provides Draft Contract for evaluation.

6) Buyer and Seller sign Contract.

7) Seller and Buyer’s agents sign IMFPA

8) Buyer has 5 (five) banking days after signing the Contract to issue and confirm the LC Guarantee as

outlined in the Contract to send to Seller´s bank via swift MT760 with copy to Seller.

9) Seller issues 2% of Performance Bond

10) Shipments commence as per Contract

11) The Contract commences.






Price for Coffe Arabic Type UGQ 


QUANTITY (MT)           SPOT USD                         CONTRACT USD


500                                       $7,580                                 $7,500

1.500                                   $7,520                                 $7,440

2.500                                   $7,460                                 $7,380

3.500                                   $7,410                                 $7,330

4.500                                   $7,350                                 $7,280

5.000                                   $7,320                                 $7,250




This representation is made with full corporate authority and responsibility of the above..




Best Regards,




Luis O. Benavente


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