Peruvian Bituminouse Steam Coal 7,200 K/Cal

7,200 K/Cal – 25,000 mt per Month in FOB Basis.

Dear Sir:


We have the pleasure to inform you that our group have negotiated this excellent option related to Peruvian Steam Coal 7,200 K/CAL from Peruvian Mine.



Peruvian Steam Coal 7,200 K/CAL

Commodity/Tipo de Mineral    :             Peruvian Steam Coal, Crushed in Bulk.

Quantity/Cantidad:                               15,000 Mt First Trial Shipment, second shipment 20,000 Mt, from third Shipment  25,000 Mt x 10 Months >  285,000 Mt  Total Year  –    

Specifications/Especificaciones:          According to Lab Analysis – July 2011 Bituminous coal over 7,000 K/CAL



 Inherent Moisture  – HUMEDAD (%):                              6.30

Volatile Matter – VOLATIL (%):                                      20.70

Ash Content –  CENIZAS (%):                                        4.80

Total Sulfur  –  AZUFRE (%):                                         0.96

Fixed Carbon – CARBON FIJO (%):                                73.53

Gross Calorific Value- Poder Calorifico (KCal/Kg):           7254 Kcal/kg     Rejection below 7000 Kcal /kg

Packaging: in bulk from 1mm to 120mm (ROM).


Delivery Schedule/Programa de Entrega: 

15,000 Mt First delivery (Sep/Oct  2011) delivery in 60 Days after receiving the L/C without PB

20,000 Mt – Second delivery in 30-45 Days with PB of 2%

25,000 Mt – Third Shipment x 10 Months between 30 to 45 Days with PB of 2%


Loading Port/Puerto de CargaPuerto de El Callao, en Lima  or Seller´s choice close to LIMA.       

Price/ Precio x TM :                  US$ 129 Pmt – FOB Callao in Bulk, quarterly price review.

Contract Length/Duración del Contrato: 1 año extendible a 3 años

Payment Terms/Forma de Pago:         

DLC : Irrevocable, Confirmed, NON transferable or Transferable issued by TOP World Bank and paid 100% at Sight – First Shipment / Primer Embarque.

RDLC – Irrevocable, Confirmed, NON transferable or Transferable issued by TOP World Bank and paid 100% at Sight.    From second shipment until finish the first year contract

First Delivery terms:    60  days after issuance of L/C, from 2 shipment each 30-45 days.

Inspection:                  SGS or Alex Stewart at Seller´s cost.  

Performance Bond :    2 %  of ONE shipment for Yearly Contract, extendable to 3 years.

Trial Shipment NO PB


Visit to the mine after signing Letter of Credit / Visita  a la Mina luego de firmar Carta de Credito



1. Buyer issues  LOI/RWA  with full banking coordinates and permission for Soft probe.

2. Seller issues Draft Contract.

3. Buyer signs the Draft Contract and sends it back to the Seller.

4. Seller issues the final Contract to the Buyer.

5Buyer’s bank issues and sends by swift the non-operative  LC 100% at sight to the Seller’s bank within 48 hours.

6. Seller posts Performance Bond (PB) for the value of 2,0% and LC becomes operative.

7. Shipment begins. Buyer can made a physical inspection together with SGS at the time of loading of product.


This representation is made with full corporate authority and responsibility of the above..

 Photos & Lab Analysis after LOI approval