MARBLE Mine for Sale – PERU

Privileged location – Estimated Resources  are 18 millions of cubic meters.     

Resources and quality



  • The estimated resources  for this deposit are 18 millions of cubic meters ( 120,000 m2 x 150 mt width), the marble is visible in a great percentage of the deposit. The marble is soft beige color.
  • The average of CaCo3 taken from a 100 kgs random sample was 98.10 %, and the opinion of experts about its suitability for construction, decoration and other common uses of marble are very good. Deposit is upwards so is very easy to mine.



Marble Mine Deposit


  • Geology group will provide all assistance to develop the Mine in matters of CAPEX to produce 400 Tones per day or base defined by Investor.
  • There are not contingencies of any type for the company.
  • The company has very good relationship with the community and community will support Marble extraction.


Location and facilities


The deposit is located at  Central Peru.

There is a road that passes in front of Marble site, suitable for extraction.

The Main city is 20 minutes by road from deposit, energy (high and low voltage) is close to the mine and availability of water source exists. The county is involved with mining activities, particularly non-metal extraction.


Loading Port


  • The deposit is less than 20 kms by road to the loading facility of principal railroad.
  • The main Port is less than 250 kms from loading point. It is common to load marble by railroad or go to the port by truck. The average freight cost is 15 to 20 US$ per cubic meter from the loading facility to the Port, which is equipped for marble loading.



Selling conditions



  • Owners will transfer 100% of the shares of the company for US$ 6.8 millions. Besides this, the company is open to another alternative as a Joint Venture.
  • The company is open for a technical and legal due diligence of 30 days after the Letter of Intent signature.






– Letter of Intent containing:

Identification of Buyer group with commercial, banking references and evidence of financial qualification.

Available: Business presentation with Photos/Video and legal documentation.